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Bad Reviews 07/09/2013
i sent an e-mail showing my dissatisfaction with this place to customer service,if they want to post it they can,i'm not that speedy of a typist,but bottom line YUCK! frank, ordered 1 times
Bad Reviews 07/02/2012
The food wasn't that great and it took an hour and 45 minutes to get to me with an advertised delivery time of 45 minutes to an hour. Dana, ordered 5 times
Great Reviews 04/13/2012
lucy's kitchen s amazing! Eric, ordered 27 times
Great Reviews 03/24/2012
I don't order from anywhere else in Burien. I try something different on the menu and I'm not let down each time. Start with dishes you know and you will be expanding to new items in no time! Adrian, ordered 21 times
Great Reviews 03/24/2012
Awesome flavor, not weighed down in grease; exactly what you want in Chinese food. Adrian, ordered 21 times
Great Reviews 03/16/2012
Food was really good, well worth the wait and the money. Portions were pretty big as well :-) Manuel, ordered 1 times
Great Reviews 03/15/2012
I have followed Lucy at her Pierce County restaurants. Her new Burien one is even better. The food is great and prices are very reasonable. SHe is also very kid friendly!!! Karliy, ordered 1 times
Great Reviews 02/16/2012
Food is fresh and well seasoned! House rice and chow mein are full of meat, shrimp and vegetables. Delivery person is very polite. Will order again! Donna, ordered 9 times
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Yelp's Reviews 29 reviews
Been wanting to go to this place for some time and finally had the chance to! Went here yesterday night around 6:30 and there was one other table here. The... read more...
Posted by Nga P. on

This is the real deal for Chinese food. No longer do I have to go the the international district. I have tried all the Chinese restaurants in Burien (with... read more...
Posted by Jay v. on

Number 1 my book. Still number one in my book. read more...
Posted by Henry-Ro D. on